PASL International Championships

Today the KC Kings start their quest to be the PASL International Champions.

There are 12 teams in the PASL Finals.  The Kings are in a 3 team group, Group C, along with the Arizona Heat and OTW Santa Clara.  Arizona and Santa Clara played earlier today at 9:45.  The Kings will play Arizona at 11:15 and then play Santa Clara at 12:45.  I am guessing those are Vegas times.

No matter what, all the teams get 3 games.  Should the Kings finish 3rd in Group C then they will play the runner up of Group D at 3:00pm.  If they finish second then they will play the 3rd place team from Group D.  Should they win Group C they get the rest of the day off, yay, and will play the B2 vs A3 winner at 9:55 am tomorrow morning.  The semifinals are then held in the early afternoon and the Final will be at 4:35pm.

Looks like stamina will be a big factor in this tournament.

Here is the PDF with the entire schedule.



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