January 31st practice

January 31, 2008

Ok, amateur hour for me.  I take my camera to practice and get permission to video the players.  My thought was to get the new guys for like 30 seconds or so.  However, I didn’t bring extra batteries 😦  So, what I got was a clip of Davy Arnaud talking about his injury, new season, possibility of playing striker.  I then took clips of Roger Espinoza and Yomby William.  They’ll be posted below.

At practice, after a peptalk from Robb Heineman, the guys started off by being timed for an interval sprint.  I think it was 10 yards and 30 yards.  Very funny watching all the false starts and the jibes from the players.  I think that Leathers was the fastest.  Jack Jewsbury and Scott Sealy both ran it.  So did Pore so he can practice now.

After this the teams broke down to play 3v3 games.  Which is where I got shots of Espinoza and William.  Scott Sealy and Pore were involved in these games but Jack wasn’t.

Next up was 6v6.  There were 4 teams.  Those that sat out were Davy, Jack, Sealy, and Kronberg(not sure why).  Curt Onalfo played striker on a team that had mostly starters (Sasha, Harrington, Morsink) and Jon Leathers.  But that team was the best.  Harrington scored a goal and Sasha scored off a free kick to the far post.  The other teams were mixed of veterans and new guys.

There was a trialist named Andrew DiCicco of San Diego State.  Chris Snitko(1997 to 2000 w/KC) was there playing keeper.  Also a red headed former UCLA keeper named Eric Reed(thanks to mizzouligan82).  Alos, Reed played in USL last season for California.  Eloy Colombano was not at practice (maybe he’ll join the team in Argentina?)

Overall the intensity of practice was really high.  Everything seemed to be smoother today than Monday, so that’s a good sign.  Now the team is off to sunny Florida.

Here are the videos.

Davy Arnaud

Yomby William

Roger Espinoza


Video of new field construction at Swope

January 31, 2008

Before practice on Thursday I went by the Swope Park training ground to get a video of the construction of the new field.  It is to the south of the current fields and west of the building.

31 Jan. The News and Blogs you might have Missed

January 31, 2008

Listen Up Go check out Jimmy latest Blog.

The importance of beating Mexico

Wizards Have USL-2 Trialist

They Call Him “No. 1 Draft Pick”

Kansas City Wizards to Hold Starting 11 Girls Tryout at Mcfadden’s

Lewis: Hall of Fame worthiness Peter Vermes–Currently the Kansas City Wizards technical director, Vermes extended his career by moving back from the front line to midfield and….

Bannister Improvement  So, Richard Tolbert wants a “nice black mall” rather than “white oriented soccer” (1/27, Letter) What is a nice black mall?

Wizards Fantasy Draft Round 5 and 6.

Correction from my Monday Practice post

January 30, 2008

In this post on Monday I didn’t know it, but everywhere I referred to Raushawn McKenzie, it was actually Ibrahim Kante.  And he is a BIG guy.

In fact, I have now updated that article with the corrections.

I’ll also update the picture captions.


Ibrahim Kante; Thursday practice poll(of sorts)

January 30, 2008

Thanks to Oz City article and Steven Goff, it seems that former KC Comets player, Ibrahim Kante, is on trial with KC.

Says he’s been with KC since the 27th and I think I recall him from Monday’s practice.  I’ll be going out there tomorrow(Thursday).  I’ll be sure to get some pictures of him.

Seems he has played at forward, midfielder and defender throughout his career.  He’s 26 years old.  If he’s trying to make the team as a defender, he’s got a lot of competition.

Thursday Practice

As said, I am going to practice on Thursday.  Is there any particular player that you all want to see pictures off (sorry, no requests for Jimmy, Chance, Will :P).  I’ll even try for some video of players if you all want.  Just tell me who!

30 Jan. The news that may not be news.

January 30, 2008

Arena, Gansler Highlight Builders Ballot   Pair of coaches among those eligible for hall of Fame.

Crew Appoints Brain Bliss First echincal Director in Club History.  Congrats. Seem to be a media day for former Wizards Coaches.

Wizards John to danish Club

Tolbert Basically Admits to not having Signatures

Busy and Exciting Times on the Venue Front  CAB and Swope Park update.

Anti-KC Stadium Petition Drive Fails

Bannister Mall area.  Same title different author.

29 Jan. The News you might have Missed

January 29, 2008

*NEW* OZ City reports Will John seems to have been offered a contract with Randers FC. (updated at 11:45 AM) OG

Group Plans New Effert to challenge Bannister Mall project.  A group opposing Bannister Mall’s demolition will start a new campaign to save the shopping center after failing to muster support for a petition drive challenging the Kansas City Council’s support for a nearly $1 billion redevelopment……..If you can’t get the support of the public what do you do? Come up with some crazy idea where you will be given the title to the mall. Mr Tolbert just give it up.

CommunityAmerica Ballpark Undergoes First Major Renovation.Construction is underway at CAB on permanent bleachers that will replace the left berm.  Finally

CONCACAF Champions League Officially Launched

Jose Burciaga Jr. Helps Fight Malaria Nice Pic.

Tor Exclusive: Off Season Chat with Alecko Eskandarian  Q: Scoring against Real Madrid or scoring in the MLS Cup ,which get you more props from players? A: You know……….But I think most of the guys remember the 2 goals in the MLS Cup, at least Jimmy Conrad does!

Wizards open camp with many familiar faces missing.

CAN 2008 Preveiw- Ivory Coast vs Mali. What does this have to do with KC. Nothing, except some possible cheap transfers. Come on it is the African Cup.

African Cup of Nation Recap-Day 9