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August 13, 2009

Fire Look For Important Road Points This Weekend Against The Kansas City Wizards

Trialist from the Ivory Coast

This weekend in Kansas City | Catch the new movie ‘The Goods’ a day early

Wizards Trialist

Iván Trujillo – some video and such

January 23, 2008

(January 23rd, 2008) Iván Trujillo is said to be on his way to KC per several internet media outlets and was all but confirmed by Curt Onalfo on local radio sports station 810 AM on Monday the 21st.

With some help from my brother Kevin we were able to find some stats of some games Iván Trujillo has played in and even some video from YouTube.

By scouring several websites, many in Spanish, we have found out his player number was 23 and that his full name is Iván Rodrigo Trujillo Vanegas.  His full name was found here and the fact that he scored 6 goals.  Well, at least per that page.  We found 6 match reports on Soccernet that show him scoring 7 times, twice in one game.  He came off  the bench to score 6 of those goals.  Trujillo also scored twice in the playoffs (the last 2 matches below).

Here are the soccernet match reports and some of the videos (will work on embedding anything youtube in the future).

Atlético Bucaramanga 1-2 La Equidad. He scored 3 minutes after coming on.

La Equidad 3-1 Boyacá Chicó FC.  Here Trujillo nabbed two.

Deportes Tolima 2-1 La Equidad.  Here we have video of him scoring a header goal.  Start at time stamp 2:56.

La Equidad 5-0 Atlético Junior.  Here is video of his goal.  The play starts at 1:54.

Deportes Tolima 1-2 La Equidad.  Trujillo scored a playoff game winner 5 minutes after coming off the bench.  Sorry, no video 😦

La Equidad 1-1 Boyacá Chicó FC.  He started this playff game and scored in the 11th minute.  Go to 1:30.


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