12 Aug. News and Blogs you might have missed.

MLS Power Rankings: Week 21

Time Warner to televise U.S. vs. Mexico World Cup Qualifier Direct TV channel 203. I won’t be at any 810 Zone. Just like Walmart I choose not to support there buisness model.

Cauldron at the Royals Damn those that call themselves the Cauldron. It is because of you that I will have to give Walmart my money and support. Well at least it only for 3 hours. Prediction: Royals loss

Can History Be Made For US Soccer At The Azteca?


The Wizards and the Kansas City Royals have created a special offer for members of the Cauldron (and their family): Tuesday, August 25th, Royals vs. Indians at 7:10 at Kauffman Stadium!!! Seats will be in the Field Plaza Reserve seats, lower level down the first base side. Cost for tickets is….get this….$5 each (regularly $26)!!! They want us, the Cauldron, to bring our show to a Royals game…drums, flags, Big-Ass banner….and support the Royals in the true Cauldron fashion.

The Cauldron Leadership fully supports this initiative, let’s bring the Cauldron to MLB!!

If you are interested, click on the link to purchase tickets: www.royals.com/cauldron

Please keep in mind, this offer is being made exclusively for Cauldron members and their families.  Please do not pass this link to people outside our group.




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