The Kenyans are coming

Yes ladies and gentlemen this weekend at Little Blue Trace (aka RSCs Fields), the Kenyans are coming.

Here is some news you won’t read in the Kansas City Star. I doubt if the Kansas City Kansan , or Hillcrest Road will report or blog about it. Then again, now that I brought it to their attention, they might. But this weekend your Local Kansas City Kenyan community is hosting a Kenyan Soccer tournament. This is a, ever so rare in modern times, grass roots tournament. Unlike the US open Cup, Kohl’s tournament, and the endless 3v3 and 6v6 tournaments around town, this is a sponsor-less tournament. The participants are not having to pay to play. The local Kenyans are paying for everything. Field rental, officials, and even the food is being payed for by individuals within the local community.   Did  I mention all of this is happening  without a sponsor.

 This is the way the game was meant to be played. For the love of it. If you are a  fan of the game may I suggest you head on down and watch a match or two before heading out to the Wizards match Saturday. If you like to see some exciting fast paced attacking soccer this might be the place for you this weekend.

Now I will admit that I am a fan of the local African Cup. I have made a match or two when our local African community is playing against each other. Just between me and you, this is some very good non-professional soccer. And I highly recommend it.

As stated above, this is so far off everyone’s radar that it probably won’t be covered by the local bloggers or media. I doubt the Wizards are going to show up or offer the players free or discount tickets or even mention the tournament at their match Saturday.  So show your support for local competitive soccer and catch a match or two Saturday or Sunday. Spectators are welcome and the ticket price is FREE.

If I don’t see you there Saturday, maybe we can get together Sunday. I’ll be there  from 12 o’clock volunteering my time and grill. Stop by and say… “Hi.., I support the beautiful game. Yes I support soccer”

Kansas City’s local Kenyan team will be hostings teams from New Jersey, Oklahoma, St. Louis, Kentucky, Memphis, and Virgina.

Tournament Starting Times:
Saturday 10:00H
Sunday 12:00H
Location RSC

AG, aka George Hanson.


4 Responses to The Kenyans are coming

  1. Thanks George for the publicity and for the great BBQ on Sunday. I hope you enjoyed the Kenyan soccer talent that is currently residing in the USA. Kenya has lost a great talent indeed. I was totaly entertained and mesmerized by the top notch skills that collided on the pitch here in KC. Kudos to Ali, Fello, Odede and the whole Kansas city Kenyans soccer team for a job well done.

    Dr. Fanson Kidwaro

  2. bwosinde says:

    Wow! the BBQ was awesome. You made our tournament a joy and a weekend stop. It was really a showcase of talent. Hopefully when we have the Unity Cup in July, more spectators will come and rekindle their memories of the beatiful game!.Once again, thanks for being part of what we can now call a very successful weekend event.

    Bwosinde Hophine
    Kansas City.

  3. kush says:

    wow what a great soccer treat kudos to st louis kenya team u deserved ua victory, alittke bit of organization n planning and this this can be geat lets keep it up

  4. Dj Lenny. says:

    On behalf of myself & Dj Casey, I would like to show my appreciation and gratitude for being allowed to be a part of this wonderful event. Thanks for the ‘kuku’ (chicken) and the other ‘tamu'(delicious)food you and your wife provided. God Bless you and everyone else involved and see you guys soon.

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