KC Win; next try to beat Seattle

San Jose

Last Sunday was a wet one but the Wizards prevailed over the Earthquakes.  A very nice 2-0 win by the home side.  Hirsig started and played the whole game and that helped in the midfield.  Overall the Wizards played much better than in the previous two games.  Goals came from Aaron Hohlbein and Claudio Lopez.  Some other opportunities were missed by Josh Wolff and Jack Jewsbury(post).

KC controlled the tempo of the game and held the ball for most of it.  When SJ did get the ball Hohlbein and Conrad stood them up.  On the defensive wings Besler and Watson were pretty good too.  Watson seemed to be making the most of his start(over Leathers).  Hartman was basically unchallenged.

My Player of the Game will have to go to Claudio Lopez again.  I felt he was the main standout and contributor in the game.  Second player will go to Santiago Hirsig – very nice start.  Third will go to Aaron Hohlbein for his defense and right place-right time goal(ala Scott Sealy 😛 )


Today the Wizards travel to Seattle for a chance to hand the Sounders their first MLS loss.

Seattle is 3-0-0 with 7 goals scored and none conceded and the Sounders have played very well so far this season.

The Wizards may be starting the same lineup as last week, however they will have Souter and Harrington available.  I would not be surprised if Harrington took the field.

If KC can keep their cool and control the ball then I think they have good chance in this game.  Also capitalizing on scoring opportunities would be helpful.   If the defense can hold for the first half then I think KC has good chance to at least come out with a draw.


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