Wizards: Rapids to Earthquakes

Well, the Wizards started the season with two losses for the first time since 1999.  And in 99 they started with 7 losses(2 by shootout).  It was the first time since 2004 that the Wizards lost the road opener, which is somewhat surprising since they aren’t the best road team.

So, last week in Colorado the team fell 2-1.  Probably deserved a draw as they played much better than the first game.  Conrad had a great opportunity for a header.  Claudio Lopez played much better this week and was pretty dangerous.  He will get the Player of the Game for the week.  Micheal Kraus scored his first ever goal in his first appearance (during the season).  Kevin Hartman broke some save records too.   We saw better defense from Conrad, Hohlbein and Harrington –  they would actually man up this game on defense.  Abe Thompson was pretty bland in the start for injured Wolff.  I’d have preferred to see Thompson come on late against TFC than to see him start in Colorado.  Herculez looked better out wide than up top.   Lance Watson played a-mid for an injured Davy Arnaud.

By the way, Terry Cooke’s freekick goal was … awesome.

KC host the new San Jose Earthquakes today (a Sunday, blah).  San Jose beat Houston 3-2 last week.   The Wizards lineup will again this week be shaken up – injuries and poor play.  Seems that Harrington and Leathers will not be playing.  It’s possibly we’ll see Santiago Hirsig make his first start; hopefully he can go 90.  And Wolff and Arnaud should be back on the field.  I’d like to see Roger Espinoza get the start on the left side, but we’ll probably see him off the bench.

I don’t even know what to think of this game.  The Wizards desperately need a victory.  A loss could be devastating.  Our next two games are on the road (Seattle and Chicago) before home to NY and by then the Red Bulls could be playing well…and it doesn’t get easier after that!

Sorry for the doom and gloom!

At best today I see a draw for KC.   Of course, they could win.  But I think injuries are hurting this team already.  Inconsistent lineups do not help.

Last thing, the weather looks terrible too.  Windy, rainy, possibly snow by the end of the game.  LOVELY!

Go Wizards.



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