Wizards, Rapids looking for first points

First off, last week’s game.   From a fan’s standpoint it was a bit exciting because KC showed they could come back and make a game of it.  Otherwise, it was not so great.  Poor passing, poor crossing, piss-poor man marking, weak side defense breakdowns, set pieces and corner kicks were pathetic … I’m sure there was more.  The good were Arnaud’s blasts, Hirsig’s passing, and I don’t recall Jack screwing up.  The overall play led to a not so great crowd and a 3-2 loss to Toronto FC.  Only the third loss for KC at CAB.  Also, the last time KC lost and scored 2 goals was in 2006 – final game to NYRB.

Anyway, for that first game: Davy was Player of the game.  Jack was 2nd player and Hirsig was 3rd player.   Running standings for POTG will be here.

Ok, KC against Colorado.  It’s gonna be cold and KC will apparantly be with Josh Wolff.  I am thinking the only change in the lineup will be Abe Thompson for Josh Wolff.  Which probably means Gomez will be up top again – something I am not a fan of.  I’d prefer he was on the right side and move Lopez back to forward with, for now, Zusi on the left.  I’d say Roger but he’s off with Honduras this weekend(good for him!).

I expect we’ll see Hirsig first off the bench.  And probably Morsink and/or Watson.  Zusi won’t be going against top midfielders so he probably won’t get turned so much.  Leathers and Hohlbein should also look better with a game under their belt.   The offense needs to keep moving and have much better passing.

I think KC can win, but with only 2 road wins all last year, a draw will suffice.  The score will probably be 2-2.



2 Responses to Wizards, Rapids looking for first points

  1. Anonymous says:

    What don’t you like about Gomez up top? His most productive season in the league was playing up top, since then he’s been playing on the right, probably part of the reason why he hasn’t produced as much.

  2. Reepicheep says:

    You are too kind to Jack. I thought he was pretty lackluster, particularly in the first half. I also wondered where he was on TFC’s third goal. With 3 defenders the defensive center mid has to be more of a “stopper”. Oh well. I’m sure he’ll improve.

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