9 Responses to 13 March. News and Blogs you might have missed.

  1. Ole says:
    GSSCC: U18 Springfield SC vs U17 KC Wizard Jr's at LCS1

    Photos from the Springfield Tournament

  2. derek schrick says:

    I love derek schrick. will you marry me?
    good job soccer studs! i heart you all.
    derek schrick.call me. i want you.

  3. Ragina Filange says:

    WHOA BETCH! HE IS MINE!!!! for real back off chick.

  4. Brittany Childers says:

    derek, you don’t know me personally, but i have this crazy obsession. it involves.. you. your insane. in my brain. I love you. please love me. please.

  5. shaneqia bojangles says:

    woah woah woah D schrick is mmah main slam u bitches back the **** off. i kick u bitches ass mt soccer boy is more then a ball kicker biatch suck my s. peace

    ❤ lov ya derek i got choo back

    • Maria Dawes says:

      you seriously all need to calm down. derek and i have been together for a very long time.
      We killed lucia brancato because she loves him but he loves me so ALL YOU MOTHER ******S BACK OFF!

  6. joe joe says:

    hi derek im joining a soccer team i was wondering if you could give me lessons? on soccer… and how to get the ladies 😉 if ya know what i mean! WOOT WOOT!
    i have this whale for a friend.

  7. shaneqia bojangles says:

    yo yo yo this is bo bo bo bo jannngles again. joe joe i got some advice fo you. maybe u havin some problams wit da ladi33s cause i call ur gf a WHALE yo im a heavy set chic but im pretty hott i got some meat to grab onto ya know. boobies and butt ya’ll


    d shrick i love u i still waitin baby boo

  8. Pagey says:

    yo tengo necessitos dos con tu. tu hablas mucho. FROM MEHCOCO

    me mi gusta derek sshrick.

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