Brass and Kings

Kansas City Brass

The PDL announced their 2009 schedule on Wednesday.  The Kansas City Brass will again play in the Central Conference’s Heartland Division.  There are 7 teams in the division.   They include the 2008 PDL Champion Thunder Bay Chill.  The rest are as follows: Des Moines Menace, St. Louis Lions, Springfield Demize as well as two expansion teams in the Real Colorado Foxes and Rochester Thunder.

All will play a 16 game schedule, although it is far from a balanced one.   The schedule for the Brass have them playing Thunder Bay just one time while playing Springfield four times.   They get expansion Rochester just twice while playing the rest three times.

The PDL US Open Cup qualifying was also released.   Here is the Central Conference schedule.    The Brass get 4 games.   They play at Real Colorado, host St. Louis and Springfield before going to Rochester.  These are four of the first five games of the season.

Kansas City Kings

They lost to the St Louis Illusion 5-3 in the Indoor US Open Cup but as far as league play goes they remain undefeated.  The Kings have 13 points in five games and will play at second place Springfield Demize (9 points) tomorrow.  This is the first meeting between the clubs this season.  The return game is on the 7th in KC.


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