Happy Thanksgiving and some Wizards stuff

Happy Thanksgiving to all today.

For a little fun you can go read about the First Thanksgiving Proclamation.  There is even an image of the original proclamation from the Massachusetts Sentinel.

So, yesterday was the MLS Expansion Draft for Seattle.  The Sounders drafted Tyson Wahl from KC.  Sad to see Tyson go but thankful it wasn’t Hohlbein who I think more upside.  I am sure some would have like to see Seattle pick Kurt Morsink but I am glad he wasn’t chosen.

After the draft all the teams could waive players and KC waived Ryan Pore, Carlos Marinelli and Ivan Trujillo.  I don’t know that anyone is too heartbroken to see these three players leave.

So, KC is now at 24 players on the roster.  The loss of the roster spots from the closing of the Reserve League would have to make KC change how they want to build the Wizards.  They’d previously stated that they wanted to build through the draft.  With a loss of 4 spots that makes some of the draft picks that the Wizards acquired almost worthless.

Right now KC has, I believe, 13 Senior roster spots(Zavagnin gone too).  A team can have up to 20 and then 4 other Development spots (GA can count toward that).



One Response to Happy Thanksgiving and some Wizards stuff

  1. Anonymous says:

    Where have the updates been? I need Wizards news…

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