Adam Cristman and the Protected Eleven

Today KC acquired 23 yr old striker Adam Cristman from New England for a 3rd round draft pick and some allocation money.  This is a player that I’d have loved to see in KC via trade during the season (even if he did go on to get hurt).   He should be the target player we really need up top.

With the roster size reduction, due to the closing of the Reserve League, the Wizards had plenty of draft picks available to trade away.  Better to use one Cristman than to let it go to waste.

Also today MLS teams announced their protected list.  KC protected 11 players.  Three of them had to be Internationals.  And with the acquisition of Cristman the unprotected player was forward Ivan Trujillo.  Yes, KC protected Carlos Marinelli.  I wonder if they feel he has trade value or mabye a renegotiated contract and we see him on the bench … who knows.

The entire protected list is: Cristman, Marinelli, Lopez, Gomez, Souter, Arnaud, Conrad, Jewsbury, Harrington, Leathers and Wolff.  GA players Espinoza and Myers are exempt from the draft.  Notables that were left unprotected are: Hartman, Hohlbein, Wahl and Morsink.  I think that if Seattle takes anyone from KC it will be either Hohlbein or Wahl.

The Expansion Draft is Wednesday.

Both stories can be found on KC Wizards website and MLS site.



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