24 Nov. News and Blogs

Columbus Crew win MLS Cup.  Good for them.  Very nice 3-1 victory. Last time the SS winner also won MLS Cup was in 2002 by Los Angeles.  Congrats to former Wizards GK Will Hesmer.

Few more Crew stuff:  Crew finish great season(WVHooligan), Crew win MLS Cup(Ives), Post Game Thoughts(more Ives), Columubs Crew complete job, Win MLS Cup(Fanhouse)

MLS Friday Press Release.  Don Garber talks getting rid of the reserve league and that Senior roster can now be up to 20 players.  Also there can be up to 4 development players outside of the team salary.   The MLS schedule got a sneak peek of sorts.  MLS will work at either eliminating or going to a “light” schedule on up to 4 International weekends.  We might see more weekday games then.  Still 30 games in the season.  For the 2009 Playoffs we will see the 2007 format again, which I very much like.  The MLS CCL teams were also announced and I think it’s a total copout on the part of MLS that just making the finals that NYRB get to go to the CCL.  They should only get to go if they’d won MLS Cup.   Oh well.  SuperLiqa was announced and the Wizards are in it.  Real Salt Lake is the only playoff team to be left out of SL or CCL.

Passing along a Backpost.net Random Shots from Friday.


US to open final qualifying round for 2010 World Cup vs. Mexico. Ah yes, Mexico in February in the US, I love it.  Also the Confederations Cup draw: USA get Italy, Brazil and Egypt.


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