18 Nov. News and blogs you might have missed.

End of Season interviews DownTheByline and Back Post with interviews from Chance Myers, Micheal Kraus, Micheal Harrington, Kevin Souter and Jimmy Conrad

KC may be out of the playoffs but the UMKC Kangaroos are Summit League Champions and will now play in the NCAA tournament.  Here is the draw for the NCAA’s.  UMKC will play Tulsa in Tulsa, Oklahoma on November 21st.  If they win they will play in Creighton.

The Three Trails/Trails/Bannister/Hillcrest Road project is finally on the agenda for the November Missouri Development Finace Board meeting.  This of course is part and parcel to the Wizards(and the fans) getting their stadium.

Check out the Best of US Soccer awards.

US Soccer has final 20 announced for Guatemala on November 19th.  Game will be on ESPN Classic.

More with US Soccer – Video of training and some pictures.



One Response to 18 Nov. News and blogs you might have missed.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Where’s the stuff I haven’t read already?


    And I know they’re not a local college, but you could also touch on Drake making the tournament, since like half their roster is from KC.


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