Playoffs: KC at Crew

Damn.  What a depressing way to end a game last week.  Ball not being cleared and Wizards defenders just standing around.  Then goal to Columbus in injury time to kill a KC 1-0 advantage.  Of course, I am sure that Crew fans feel the exact opposite.  I am sure they are elated.  Any way …  Gomez was red carded out of the game.  Not sure I agree with the direct red.  I thought it was a yellow for sure.  Argue if you want, I watched the replay before I made up my mind.  Either way it totally changed the game for KC.  And he’s out this week in Columbus.   What I didn’t understand about last weeks games were the late subs.  Why not a Kerry Zavagnin or a Kurt Morisnk coming on instead of Trujillo.  We needed to defend that 1-0 lead.   I think that was a horrible move by Coach Onalfo.   Davy Arnaud is our playoff goal scorer again.  He headed in a beautiful Lopez cross.  It was a crushing header too.  The Crew defense were totally exposed.  In fact, we had them on the run a lot but our finishing was, shall I say, in midseason form.  Which is to say it was pretty much pathetic.  Overall it was our game to take, even by a couple of goals.  But the red and the substitutions and the non-moving defense changed that.  Now it’s 1-1 going to Columbus.  That game is tonight.

So … no Herculez.  Then it’s got to be Espinoza.  That means that Souter would move to the left where Gomez usually plays.  That Kevin Souter is pretty versatile.  He’s played left, right and middle and seems to be very comfortable wherever he plays.  The rest of the team should remain the same.  No reason to put Wolff in over Lopez as Claudio has emerged as our best player since taking over for Josh.  So Lopez and Thompson up top; Davy and Jack in midfield.  Same back four: Harrington, Conrad, Wahl and Leathers.

It’s supposed to be cold in Columbus.  But hey, it’s been cold and windy in KC.  KC will have approximately 100 traveling fans at the game so the players should hear them.  Both teams are still on a streak due to the draw last week.  I still think that KC has the overall advantage but this game is in Columbus.  KC has just 2 wins on the road all season.  But we did run out a 2-0 lead before drawing 3-3 in our last trip to Columbus.  

No goal predictions but I think KC will eek it out.  Not sure if that will be in normal or extra time.  Hopefully it won’t go to PK’s (but let’s just leave that alone for now).

Winner of the series will be in Chicago on Thursday!  I say let’s make an appointment now! 



One Response to Playoffs: KC at Crew

  1. John says:

    My exact same thoughts. We had a lead and CO thought that with a man down he could go score another goal when our midfield was suspect with the C-bus pressure. with 2 d-midfielders to hold (or clear) the ball he brought in another forward????
    That set the stage for the loss this weekend. C-bus losing 1-0 is different than a 1-1 tie where they could take their time and built up everything. We saw it last year at Chivas when we had the advantage and as time passed they got more and more desperate. It would have even changed out lineup today and we could have played a more conservative game where we held the ball (Kerry/Kurt). Once C-bus scored it was game over since we’ve never been a team that comes back to tie or win a game (except the Dallas gameif I’m not mistaken and they played most of the 2nd half a man down).
    CO makes weird decisions.

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