PLAYOFFS: Wizards host Shield winners

So, if you read this blog regularly you will have seen a lot of good news this week for KC.  Back to back seasons in the playoffs.  Two Wizards goals up for Goal of the Year:  Davy vs LA and Josh’s bicycle goal.  Jimmy Conrad is in contention for Defender of the Year.  And our very own DP, Claudio Lopez, is up for Newcomer of the Year.  Season ticket prices for 2009 going down.  Very nice if you are in the Cauldron!.   And one last bit of good news.  Khano Smith got 2 extra games on his suspension from the Gomez tackle.  If NE somehow makes MLS Cup, then Smith can play.

The Wizards do host the Crew this weekend.  It will be the final 2008 game at CAB for KC.  Being the 4th seed we won’t get to host the Conference Final.  This will be the final chance for KC fans to get to see Kerry Zavagnin.  And a chance for KC to avenge the humilating 3-0 loss to Columbus from earlier this season.  Since that loss at home, KC went 7-3-0 (WDL) on home turf.

Despite what is in the injury report: Josh, Roger, Jack, Jonny and Lance.  It seems that we’ll only still miss Wolff.  The lineup should be the same as it has been for the last two weeks.  The Crew haven’t seen this KC team with Davy and Jack in the middle.  Or with newboys Souter, Gomez and Thompson on the attack.  An experienced and fresh Lopez should continue to make KC very dangerous on offense.  So long as KC keeps up the attack of the past few weeks, and close on opportunities, we could see another multi-goal win for KC.

But still, remember that Columbus are the Supporter’s Shield winners.  Since KC and C-bus played to a 3-3 draw in Columbus, the Crew have been 9-2-2.   However they did lose 3-1 two weeks ago to NY and barely won over DC last weekend.  This is a formidable team.  The Crew tied for the best road record at 6-4-5 (WDL), but actually gave up more goals than they scored (even with the 3-0 KC beatdown).  Of course, you only need to be mediocre on the road in MLS to be considered good 🙂

KC is on the rise, the Crew are cooling off.  I expect a great game.  Just hope I get to see it.  The wife is due any moment now.  If this baby is to be any kind of future soccer fan, then it should know to wait until Sunday 🙂



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