Wizards closer to securing playoffs

Claudio Lopez made his first start after five games off the bench and he made an impact the entire game.  Lopez started over injured Josh Wolff.  He scored on a cross from Abe Thompson for 1-0, assisted on Davy Arnaud’s goal that made it 2-1, and took the corner that Gomez put in for the game winner 3-2 in the dieing moments of injury time.  If this is the Lopez that comes back for next season, then that would be pretty good.  Claudio gets my Player of the Game.  Herculez Gomez will get the second player.  Four of his five shots were on goal, he got the game winner and continued to be a spark since he joined the club.  Jack Jewsbury gets the third player.  Jack was up an down the field and seemingly near the ball the entire game.  POTG stats here.

Overall the team was really good.  They took 23 shots and 13 were on goal.  The KC defense held SJ to 7 shots, although six were on goal.  We actually looked like an exciting, attacking team.   I think it’s attributed to a consistent lineup and the acquisition of Herculez Gomez.  For this game, Claudio Lopez was an inspiration to the team.  He seemed rejuvenated.  His play was so good that he was named the MLS Player of the Week.  I wonder if a healthy Wolff or Lopez start up top for the Revolution game.  Or if Abe sits and they both start.  Thompson came off at the half for Ivan Trujillo.  Both players were so-so.  Roger Espinoza came on for Tyson Wahl as the team went to 3-4-3 for the final 13 minutes.  Roger also provided a spark for the team.

Anyway, the exciting win kept KC in the driver’s seat for 4th in the East.  A win and KC has a date with the Columbus Crew.  But KC can also get in if NY or DC lose this final week.  The Red Bulls play on Thursday so KC could clinch that night.  DC will play on Sunday.  There are some scenarios where a KC draw or loss will result in a date with Houston (meaning KC is the 8th seed and 4th in the West, again!).



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