Playoff Push: Wizards control their own destiny

With the KC win, thanks to Jimmy Conrad, the Wizards are in full control of their own destiny for the playoffs.   The boys in blue just need to win their last two games and they are in.  Of course, they can also clinch a wildcard spot this weekend with three other results.  More on that later though.

Jimmy Conrad was definitely the Player of the Game for KC.  Stellar on defense and then a little thing like his team leading 6th goal (though that is a sad commentary on our “attacking”) for the 1-0 victory.  The second player for me was Tyson Wahl.  He did have one shaky clearance that looked to be an own goal for a moment but after that he was pretty solid.  Third player will go to Kevin Souter – does this guy get tired?  It was a toss up to me between Souter and Gomez as both played pretty well.  But Souter was all over the field.  Here are the POTG standings.

Ok, so this weekend we host Nick Garcia and the expansion San Jose Earthquakes.  This is Kerry Zavagnin’s last regular season MLS game at home for KC.  I know that members of the Cauldron will be doing something for both players.  Anyway, San Jose is just about eliminated from the playoff race.  KC will eliminate them with a victory.   And with that win, if NY loses to Columbus(good chance here), and the Rapids do not win(they can draw) against Chivas (on Sunday) and finally if there is a winner in the RSL-FCD game (tiebreakers involved that KC owns).  If that happens, then KC is in.  Otherwise it could come down to the final game of the season … [sarcasm] and THAT never happens … [/sarcasm]  🙂

If Josh Wolff can play, he has a calf issue, then we should see the same 11 men on the field against San Jose.  If not Josh then it seems that Claudio Lopez would start.  Scott Sealy will return to CAB for the first time.  He and Alvarez should be starting up top for SJ.  I think KC need to be sure to contain Huckerby and to not let Nick Garcia get in anyone’s head.  All in all I think KC is primed for the big home win.  They are playing better lately (could still stand some improvement) and with a consistent lineup that could spell a 2 or 3 goal win.  KC are pretty good at getting the home result, only losing two times at home all season.

Weather should be real good.  Cloudless all day, no rain in at all, low winds and temp should be in the 50’s at game time.

Prediction is a 2-0 victory on goals by Thompson and Arnaud.



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