Playoff Push: Wizards host Fire on Sunday

KC host the Chicago Fire this Sunday.  We have taken 4 points off Chicago so far this year.  This is the first of a three game home stand.  Kansas City almost need to win out the season and even then it’s not for sure they will make the playoffs.  Before the two teams take the field on Sunday there are some Saturday matches that will hopefully go KC’s way.

Actually KC already got good news when FC Dallas drew on Thursday against San Jose.    A DCU loss to Chivas would be helpful, but so would a draw.  You should cheer for New England to beat RSL(up by 2) and for TFC to defeat the Red Bulls(3 points ahead of KC).  We also would like to see Houston beat Colorado(up by 2).

Ok.  This week we get Jack Jewsbury back and that will be a major improvement over a lackluster performance of Kurt Morsink from last week  I like Kurt but he needs to step it up.  We also will not have Claudio Lopez on the field due to an ankle sprain.  Josh Wolff spent time hooked up to an IV this week but should be ready to go.  Also it seems that Carlos Marinelli was in an argument with Coach Onalfo at practice.  Carlos had to be held back and ended up leaving practice.  Will he even be on the bench?

Since we lost last week, will Coach switch up the team again?  I am going to guess no.  I think it will be the same team we saw last week but with Jack over Morsink in midfield.   I fully expect to see Souter on the field again.

We should get Chicago’s best team as they have no injuries or suspensions.  And a Fire victory would pretty much secure them a playoff spot.  They currently have a six point lead on NY.

Kansas City will have to improve on their outside defense.   We can’t let Fire attackers get past on the outside like what happened last week with Sasha and other players.  We did shut down TFC but the week before against LA we let them behind us too much.  While I like Harrington and Leathers pushing up the flanks, they can’t push up too far.  At least Jewsbury should provide some defensive help.  On the offensive end, the Wizards just need to keep the pressure on.  Gomez needs to keep lasering in his crosses.  Espinoza needs to do the same.  Chicago are the stingiest defense in the league giving up less than 1 goal per game.

Former Wizard and fan favorite Diego Gutierrez will play for the final time in KC.

Oh yeah, some guy named White will be playing too.

Game is on Telefutura nationally and MetroSports locally.  After the game is a Reserves match.

We need a win.

Wiz on the Fire!



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