Wolff “bikes”, Wizards lose; but all not lost?

Yeah, yeah.  I seem to wait a few days to write these followups.  Always harder after a loss.  Sue me.  Or not.  I don’t have any money anyway.

So, strange game.  KC dominates offensively for about 22 or 23 minutes.   Then it’s like they run out of gas. Chivas get outside and behind our outside backs and Sasha Victorine plays the best soccer of his life.  If he’d played like that for the Wizards he’d still be here in KC.  So Chivas dominated the second half of the first half.  KC came out at halftime with an even more offensive set up.  Lopez came on for Wahl.  The Wizards clearly won the second half but lost the game 2-1.   Still need to put together a complete game.

The lone KC goal came from the aftermath of a Wizards corner.   Lopez tried to send the clearance back in front of the goal, it was deflected and Atiba Harris headed it the wrong way and Josh Wolff biked it in.  At the 70 minute mark KC was within a goal.   Josh’s goal is up for Goal of the Week.  He’s leading 35% to 34% (Wynne) at this moment.  Psst – Go Vote(now and in November).

So KC had 20 minutes to get that second goal but could not capitalize on the momentum.  Josh and Herculez Gomez were the main offensive threat for KC in this game.  Several players disappeared – Thompson, Morsink, Leathers…. Wahl wasn’t so hot in the first half.  Harrington showed up more in the second half.  Jimmy was good though.  Hard for Hartman to stop those goals when the defense fails him.  Espinoza and Arnaud were alright but could have been way better.  Marinelli and Souter came on and did ok.  Carlos hustled for about 5 minutes straight at one point, then I think he pulled something.  Wish I could recall the minute that happened.

Will give Josh the Player of the Game with Herculez Gomez the second player.  If not for Wolff’s goal though, it would go to Herc.  For third player, this is the hard one … gonna go with Jimmy for his physical defending.

As far as playoffs go…Both DC and NY needed to lose.  And both teams lost.  Yay.  If only we had capitalized.  Now KC has 4 games to go, next three are at home and we are now 2 points out of the 8th spot.  But that 8th spot belongs to a West team: RSL at 34 points.  NY has the 7th spot at 35 points.  But we still have FCD and DCU at 33 points between us and that spot.  LA and San Jose(with game in hand) are 3 back of us and TFC are 4 back of us.

Next up is Chicago.   Then we host New England and San Jose.  Two of them are basically in the playoffs already and one is hungry and still with “a shot” in their first year.   All three are must win for KC.   If we don’t get 9 points I just don’t see us making the playoffs.  Our final game is at New England.  So, we are not mathematically out of it.  But it’s hard to envision us playing into November.



One Response to Wolff “bikes”, Wizards lose; but all not lost?

  1. John says:

    “Carlos pulled something”? Say it ain’t so George. This guy is primed and ready to get on a plane and leave for Argentina.

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