Playoff Push: KC host Toronto FC

Ok, the playoff push was talked about at the 20 game mark, but let’s be honest, it started last week with the LA game.  Having failed to gain any ground the week before when pretty much everyone ahead of KC lost the LA game became crucial.  So, one 2-0 home win later the Wizards are 6 points adrift of NY and 4 of DC for the last two spots.  TFC trail KC by 2 points.  New York has already lost this week so the Wizards can get to three points back of them with a victory.  DC will play in Los Angeles but if the Galaxy play like last week, then DC will win that one … but we’ll all be pulling for LA this weekend.

On to the game.   Back to CommunityAmerica Ballpark.   And back to a 7pm start time.   Tomorrow should be beautiful weather.  Sunny and 70’s; not much wind (…we’ll see about that).  Game is on HDNet and the radio.  Hopefully with the latest victory and the weather we’ll have a nice sellout.

Here’s the official game preview.   Matt Marquess is still sick.   Sasha Victorine was sent packing to Chivas USA.  That should be it for KC players that are out.  Popular belief, and Onalfo trends, say that KC will trot out the same lineup as last week.  Though I’d put Hohlbein in over Wahl.  Trend seems to be that a lineup that is “new” that wins gets another run out.  Although that has not led to good results before.  Then again this is the second consecutive “bottom of the table” team we have played, so for TFC it might work.  If they attack the goal like last week then it could be all good, just don’t leave the defense too exposed.

Toronto has two wins(in MLS) since the start of June.  Both over Colorado.   They are 1-3-7 (WDL) since drawing KC 0-0 (right after a win against Colorado).  KC has gone 4-4-4 since that same game.  TFC has a few knocks.   Dunivant is out.   Robinson is questionable.  The Reds need to make a playoff push too so I expect anybody that’s borderline and should start to start.

KC has a chance to prove to people that they are playoff team (which in MLS doesn’t say much right now).  If we can find out who “wants it” as this season winds down then maybe that’s a building block for next season.  I’d like to think that when this season ends, even if it’s in the playoffs, that we don’t lose sight of how poorly the Wizards were over the course of the season.  Nothing should be forgiven just for making the post-season.

That said.  I see another 2-0 win at home.  Gomez(on a free??) and Jewsbury with goals.



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