Kansas City get victory over Galaxy

Kansas City lined up a more offensive team today and it eventually paid off.  Abe Thompson paired with Josh Wolff while Davy Arnaud moved back to central midfield alongside Jack Jewsbury.  Herculez Gomez played wide right and Roger Espinoza played wide left, which left Claudio Lopez on the bench for the first time.  Also, none of the other center mids played the entire game: Zavagnin, Marinelli nor Morsink.  Sasha was out injured.  Harrington was back at his left back position while Jon Leathers saw 90 for the first time in a long time.  JImmy paired up with Tyson.  Including Jewsbury, former striker, there 8 offensive minded players on the field today.  Only Jimmy, Tyson and Kevin didn’t really move off the defensive end of the field.  Both Harrington and Leathers were way up the field on the outside, a lot, at the same time.  In fact, there were a few times it almost bit KC in the ass.

But being the leaky goal defense that LA has, the Wizards finally ratcheted it up near the end of the first half and through the second half which saw goals by Wolff and Arnaud.  Josh guided in a Herculez Gomez pass in the 67th while shortly after the restart Davy blasted one from about 35 yards out into the upper ninety.   Josh Wicks, LA keeper and former Vancouver Whitecap, had no chance.  This kind of shot by Davy is what the team has been lacking all year.  Possession of the ball with no one around and a good look on goal, until this shot that was most assuredly a “passing” situation.

Both teams got off 12 shots, and I can’t but think “Really? LA got off 12 shots?”  Sure only 2 were on goal, but overall LA was pretty inept on the night.  Some of that due to some good KC defense.   KC had 6 shots on goal.  From several scuffles in front of the LA net, it’s not hard to imagine KC getting 2 or 3 more goals.  But let’s not forget, LA is not a good team nor are they good on defense.  And that still speaks to KC’s scoring futility.

The Wizards played better but are still lacking that killer instinct on goals and also the midfield possession still needs improvement.  A lot of balls over the midfield last night.  That said, Davy, who was in the midfield, will be the player of the game again.  He cinched it with the awesome goal, but his overall play gets it for him too.  Several guys played well, but second player will have to go to Jimmy who was solid on defense.  And for third player, Herculez Gomez.

KC’s win put them closer to the playoffs.  TFC drew so KC are now 2 points out of the cellar and host Toronto next week.  NY won to stay 6 points up, in 4th in the East but 7th in playoff race, while DC drew against FCD and are only 4 points up on KC for the final playoff spot.  So, 6 games to go, four at home and two on the road, and the team to catch is DC.



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