Galaxy to take on Wizards at Arrowhead

Los Angeles comes to KC today.  And unless you are a KC fan or really like David Beckham, there’s no reason to watch this game.  Both teams are in last in their divisions and have won a combined 1 time in the last 13 games.   LA leads the league in goals given up and KC only barely trails San Jose in least goals scored.

But while neither team are particularly good, both are still within playoff reach.  LA are 4 points from 3rd in the West (the West sucks).  KC are 6 points from 5th and 12 points from 3rd (3rd is pretty much unreachable).  LA could probably still take a loss and then win a few and get into the playoffs.  But if KC loses again, espeically if DC and NY win, then they’d pretty much be done, even with 4 more home games.

So, with that said, it seems KC won’t have Victorine, Hohlbein or Marquess for this game.  LA will be missing several players too.  We won’t get to shoot against Cronin though as he’s out.  Of course we only scored once on him this year anyway.

Over at The Backpost you can find practice reports and interviews for this week.  We could see Abe Thompson start up top.  Will most likely see Wahl in for Aaron.  But who knows what the midfield will look like.

Here’s the official game preview.  The weather forecast for the game is over 80% humidity, 30% chance of rain and about 73 F or so.  I am sure it will rain.

With the wet field this could be a game of gaffs and high scores or it could be a nil-nil if no one can control the ball (not exactly something the Wizards have been doing anyway…)

I just want to see the team try … try … try to breaknevermind… 🙂



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