Dynamo crush KC

I hate being right.

3-1 I said.  And 3-1 it was.  Damn.

Passing is horrible.  Defending is very suspect.  Shooting is bad.  Possession is crap.  First touch sucks. How about man marking?  Should I go on?

Ok… where was Claudio Lopez, Josh Wolff, Jack Jewsbury, Roger Espinoza, Kerry Zavagnin and Aaron Hohlbein???  They were invisible.  Chance Myers wasn’t invisible as he was clearly involved in two goals.  Jimmy was involved in the third.  Marinelli and Thompson provided sparks at the start of the second half.  Though Abe was “here and gone again” too often.  Gomez wasn’t impactful at all.  Only Arnaud and Harrington showed any kind of consistency and Harrington tried to do way too much from his left back spot – why didn’t he go to right back and just leave Marquess at left back?  Hartman didn’t have much help either but made a lot of very nice saves.

Player of the game will have to be Davy Arnaud.  I don’t think it could be anyone else.  Second player will be Carlos Marinelli just for the second half spark he provided.  Third will be Harrington.

So… is this the point where KZ sits since he’s retiring?  Play the new guys and the rookies that you are banking on for the next few seasons and just let whatever happens happens.  Or do we wait a few more games?  Due to East teams losing right in front of KC, the boys are still just 6 out.

Galaxy up next, at Arrowhead.



2 Responses to Dynamo crush KC

  1. WS says:

    Play the new guys; see what we got so we know what we need to go get in the offseason.

    BTW,my exact feelings when watching the game.

  2. Mike says:

    Marquess was pulled from the lineup in pregame due to cramping up before the game even started. That’s why he wasn’t in the lineup, and why Harrington was moved to the left.

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