Wizards travel to Houston

Last time KC was in Houston was for the 07 Western Conference Finals.  We lost 0-2 after making the final playoff spot.  Well, with 8 games to go KC trail DC and NY by 6 points for that final playoff spot.  If KC can buck up then we just might see them in the West playoffs again this year.

KC is going into the game with two fresh faces, Herculez Gomez and Abe Thompson (numbers 21 and 4 respectively).  We are only missing Kurt Morsink, due to yellow card accumulation, and most likely Sasha Victorine.  Ha.  I said “only”.  I guess Kerry and Carlos will be in the middle of the field today.   It will have been quite some time since those two started the game together.   However a KC Start article has Onalfo stating that Jewsbury will move the midfield and Harrington to right back, Davy to right mid and Lopez up top.  I guess that means Espinoza will start on the left.  Anyway, maybe a shake up is what we need.

Houston will be missing some players but the two time defending MLS Cup champions are a deep team and have very good backups.  But it’s a chance for KC.

Weather in Houston doesn’t look too terrible.   About 88 or 90 at kickoff and only 10% humidity.

Here’s the official pregame.

Sorry, I’d write more but had some time constraints before this and need to get somewhere to watch the game.

Prediction Houston 3-1 KC.



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