Wizards ‘strike’ again. Acquire Abe Thompson.

KC made another move today.  Adding scoring depth with the acquisition of Abe Thompson from FC Dallas.  Here’s the press release.  Peter Vermes sent allocation money to FC Dallas for him.  Then the Wizards cut Ryan … (PAUSE) … McMahon.   I know I know, you thought I was gonna write Ryan Pore.  Well, we have to have someone tear up the Reserves league right?  Anyway, enough of that.  I think McMahon was gone at the end of the season anyway.  He just never materialized.

Abe Thompson, if you will recall, scored that injury time goal against KC down in Dallas earlier this year.    Abe is in his 4th year.  He’s played in 69 games and started about half of those.  He has 14 goals, along with 11 assists, in that time.  Abe has three goals this year.   His best season was 2007.

I think this move is a lot like the Gomez move.  It is there to inject some life into the team.  Not that Thompson is going to tear it up here, but the strike force of KC needs a kick in the ass.  And if this generates better competition then that’s good.



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