Wizards add scoring depth? Acquire Hercules Gomez.

Today the Wizards traded for forward Hercules Gomez.  He comes from the Rapids after just a season and a half.  Before that he played for the LA Galaxy (you know, the team of the pre-Beckham years when they won titles …).  In 2005 he helped LA win MLS Cup.  Kansas City sent two draft picks and some allocation money to the Rapids.  The amount of allocation money is unknown, but the draft picks are SuperDraft 4th Round and a first round supplemental pick.

This acquisition fills the final roster spot that has been vacant for a while.

Here’s the official press release.

My opinion, if you care 🙂 (some of this was posted on Big Soccer too)

Not terribly exciting.    I won’t go so far as to say underwhelmed.   We didn’t give up much, though I’d like to know how much allocation money.  Until this year he, Gomez, was scoring at a clip of (about) 1 goal per 3 games.  I think he can be good.  Or rather … OK.  He should immediately make the bench.  He’s for sure ahead of Ryan Pore.  I guess he has to beat out Ivan Trujillo … or maybe he does that tomorrow … my understanding is he will be at practice tomorrow and available for this weekend’s game in Houston.

I sure hope he makes the team better.



One Response to Wizards add scoring depth? Acquire Hercules Gomez.

  1. Reepicheep says:

    Great…we just got Scott Sealy back.

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