Quakes over Wizards

Oh man.

What a terrible game.

San Jose 2 – 1 Kansas City.  Breakdown at the end of the first half for a goal by SJ.  Actual great ball-play from KC for the tieing goal(in the midst of their best play of the day).  Then an offiside goal game winner for the E-quakes late.  Should it have even been that close?  Probably not.  San Jose was miles better than KC for a majority of the game.  KC did dominate early in the second half.

Where was Josh Wolff?  Kerry Zavagnin?  Claudio Lopez?  Davy showed up a bit – he did have the goal and the majority of the shots on goal.  Davy will be my player of the game, but it was hard to choose anyone.  Harrington played very well with his injury.  Could have been better though.  He had a great cross to Davy for the goal … then decided not to cover Huckerby when he scored the game winner from an offside position.  I am gonna still give him my second player.  Hohlbein will get my third player.  He was solid on defense I thought and sorta showed up on the offensive side.  JImmy wasn’t that good.  Jack looked out of place most of the game – yeah, I know he switched up with Harrington on the field.  But he still didn’t look good.  Morsink wasn’t very good in the middle of the field.  Marinelli was Ok when he replaced him.

No idea what PV and CO need to do to kick this team in the ass, but something needs to be done.

SJ are now just 2 points adrift a playoff spot.  They have 25 points, less than KC, but are just 2 points behind FCD for the third and final automatic spot in the West.  For a non automatic spot they are 7 points behind DC and NY.  KC are 6 points behind DC and NY for the last two non-automatic spots.

KC will take on Houston next Sunday.



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