Wizards, San Jose chasing playoff spot

The Wizards travel to San Jose to take on the new Earthquakes as both teams fight to make the playoffs.  This is the first of a two game road trip for the KC.

The Wizards are 5 points behind DC and NY for the last playoff spot.  But first year San Jose are also just 4 points behind FC Dallas, who are 3rd place in the West.  Both teams have 9 games left to get into the playoffs.

San Jose hasn’t lost since July 5th against Chivas USA.  Two wins and four draws since then.  Nine goals scored and just four given up.  That’s not exactly “hot” or “streaking”, but it’s also not too bad.   Former Wizard’s forward Scott Sealy has been involved in 3 of the goals scored since joining San Jose.  Of course the SJ captain is former KC defender Nick Garcia.

The Wizards aren’t doing so well as SJ are as of late.  KC have two losses in the last four games.  The others being a win over Chivas that they almost blew and a last gasp draw against FC Dallas at home.

Going on the road isn’t that great for KC this year.  Only one win all season.  The other 10 games are split with five draws and five losses.  At home San Jose are 3-3-3.

Here’s the team preview for the game.  It will be KC’s first road game in … a baseball stadium 🙂

KC has two players that could possibly miss game time.  Sasha Victorine has a hip flexor injury and is questionable.  Also Micheal Harrington is probable with a shoulder sprain.  I assume that’s a holdover from the dislocated shoulder injury.  If Sasha doesn’t then either Kurt Morsink or Carlos Marinelli could step in.  If Micheal cannot play then that’s also a chance for a midfielder to slid over to right side.  But then Davy could drop back to that position too.  If Davy drops back then Claudio would likely move up top with Roger Espinoza making his way back into the starting lineup.

San Jose have two players that are out – Gavin Glinton and Ramiro Corrales.

As far as I am concerned, this is the first meeting between San Jose (08) and Kansas City.  If MLS want to pretend that Houston Dynamo are an expansion team, then go right ahead.  The rest of us know that SJ is the new team and that Houston has all the history of San Jose 96.

Anyway, I can’t see KC winning this game.  But not losing either.  Tempted to call it 0-0, but will go with 1-1.  Goal from Davy for KC and Scott Sealy for SJ.



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