Wizards grab point at the ‘death’

It wasn’t a pretty game, though both goals were.  The Wizards even had a half hour man advantage but it didn’t really seem like it.  FCD got their goal early when Wizards defenders backed off Rocha – all the while we fans were wondering why the heck he was given so much space as the ball hit the back of the net. Sheesh.  Back to that man advantage.  Did it not seem to take forever for Navarro to produce the red card on Richetti?  I thought so too.  By the way, there were nine cards in the game.  And Davy should have got a red card for his take down from behind in the 84th.  Anyway, we were up a man for the last 30 or so.  Yeah, we had the advantage and the ball for almost that entire time but we had nothing going in regards to scoring.  Ball kept bouncing around and sent back out to midfield then the Wizards would come in again.  But it never felt like they were going to score.  And then came 4 minutes of injury time and Wolff’s low cross and Jimmy’s goal.  In fact, it ended pretty much the same way the game in Dallas ended.  Amazing.  Then right after that it seemed KC would get the win but Davy couldn’t finish. 

Did you feel after that we stole a point from Dallas or that we let two points get away?  I am torn on this.  It almost makes me glad FCD scored first to force us to go for the win… but then who knows if that first goal doesn’t go in does the game play out differently.   Bottom line though, we can’t play like this against San Jose.  Even though that team is bottom of the table they are still dangerous … and at home.

Player of the Game.  Easily.  Jimmy Conrad.  Next player.  Harder.  Who stood out?  Going with Aaron Hohlbein.  Third player.  Hartman for getting the saves and his 1100th (too back that 1100th save wasn’t on Rocha, eh?)



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