Wizards, FC Dallas square off

First I’ll start with finishing up from last week’s game.   I didn’t get to see the game but I talked with my brother who was lucky enough to endure it.  POTG is Micheal Harrington.  Second player is Sasha Victorine and it seems the only other player to show up was Kevin Hartman.  So KH gets third.  You can see an updated POTG standings here.

So, KC is now on the home stretch.  Ten games to go to make the playoffs.  Not impossible but it will be difficult.  The team needs to avoid road meltdowns such as the latest DC and Colorado games.  There is a Rusert story on what Coach Onalfo sees as his five keys for the Wizards.  I’ll touch on just the first point since it involves FC Dallas.  That is maximizing points at home.  And that means 3 points against FCD today.

FC Dallas are currently in third in the West and thus in the playoffs.  KC are tied for last in the East, and while having 25 points like Dallas does, are at least 3 points out of the playoffs and need to better their goal differential.  Dallas will be without Davino and apparently Saragosa is also not with the team in KC.  So some good news there.  It does look like Micheal Harrington will play, at least I expect he will.  I don’t see any reason for the lineup to be any different from last week.  They just need to not play like they did last week… The only issue might be that if Harrington, or possibly Davy(I guess he has a knock), do not start then I’m sure we’d see Roger Espinoza on the left side and Lopez moving to the vacated position.

KC really need some goals so it would be nice to see Josh Wolff and Claudio Lopez step up and knock some in.  From last week, even though Harrington got the goal, Sasha seemed to be the only threat.  Which is in an of itself a very good thing, except when no one else shows up.

Here is the official preview for the game.  Navarro is center ref.  He has 11 MLS games.  KC lead the all time series with Dallas and also lead at home with 9 wins to 6 (and 4 draws).  The weather calls for thunderstorms all day.  Yippee.

If you are a fan of Micheal Harrington, here’s a story on him and his versatility.  Also covers his injury from last week – seperated shoulder.

Prediction for this game.  Dallas and KC seem to always play it close.  For this one I am gonna call it 2-1 for KC.  But our defenders need to keep Cooper in check.  Sloppy goal from Dallas, a Sasha goal for KC and a winner from Josh Wolff.

Enjoy the game.



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