22 Aug. News and Blogs you might have Missed


Stadium developers seek $30M in Missouri tax credits ”

White said that increasing construction costs have driven the stadium’s cost from about $80 million to about $130 million, prompting the developers to increase their request for state tax credits from $10 million to $30 million.”

I thought they already had 10 million approved by the state. Why do they need another 20+? I am sure it is because of the sudden increase in good for the development. Then again if they want more, they must have the final drawings/blueprints for the stadium completed.  Maybe just, maybe they let us see it.

 Or they wont. Then again maybe I should call me State Rep and tell him I support the Wizards and am against the increase because there is no public renditions. Of course you all know I wont. But anti Tax, Tif, and tax credits, advocates are doing that right now.

WVH Watch List: Coaching Hot Seat

Philly Releases Stadium Design   I see myself typing this more and more. Hopefully we will know what the Wizards stadium design is soon. …….Do you think that if the State of Missouri sees a drawing, or a mock up of the Hillcrest Road development, to include the real stadium, they might approve the tax credits in a more timely manner?  I don’t understand how an expansion city is releasing stadium designs ahead of ours which has been in the league since inception.

Ready For Some Football?

Thank You Bob Bradley

Kansas City Wizards practice 08-21-2008

Weekend Soccer Television Schedule – 23/24 August 2008

WC Qualifying: Guatemala 0-1 United States



USA Soccer Takes Gold! 

All hail Solo!

Tailgating on Aug 23

I’m back



One Response to 22 Aug. News and Blogs you might have Missed

  1. esanders09 says:

    Thanks for the link. For what its worth, I try to post and comment on all USMNT matches I’m able to watch, which is most of them. I’m planning on going to the WC qualifier against Cuba in October here at RFK, and will definitely post on that. If you’re interested, please check back for link material after the matches.


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