Wizards to host CD Chivas USA

Rivals for the final playoff spot meet in KC on Saturday.  Both KC and Chivas are sitting on 22 points, pretty much a victory away from being in the playoffs and a loss away from being passed by other teams(but only those not named San Jose).

It seems that the Wizards are ready to mix it up a bit with the lineup.  We haven’t seen highly touted first overall draft pick Chance Myers in a while and it’s possible we may not see him for a while longer.  Jon Leathers, who was recently injured, also seems to be on the outs.  Last week we saw Matt Marquess debut at half time and that prompted a move by Micheal Harrington to left mid…err right mid.  Right mid?   Claudio was a right mid for the first half – because Davy was up top.  Well, this week it seems that Harrington will again prowl the rigtht side as Claudio moves back to left mid and Roger (the rookie that has done the best so far) goes to the bench(at least one would assume).  Davy and Josh will be up top.  Oh yeah, Kerry will replace Kurt Morsink in midfield.   It’s a bit of a shame we won’t week Morsink and Roger on the field because they have been doing well lately.  I can’t say I am a fan of Harrington on the right side of the midfield either.  I have not been a proponent of him playing left mid(where he played last year and did well) but would rather see him play the position he seems to want to play and is comfortable in, and also where Onalfo seemed to want him.  That being left back.  Now, last week Matt Marquess didn’t do anything to embarass himself for sure.  But did he do enough to get a start?  And can he only play left back?  It seems so.  And I can see why Onalfo wants Harrington on the field.  He adds that wing attack to the offense.  He’s pretty fast.   And, well, if you are going to put Davy up top with Wolff and put Lopez back to left mid then the only place is right mid.  I don’t think CO is going to move Jack Jewsbury to the bench – his addition to the backline was a tremendous improvement. 

I guess we’ll just have to see if this works out.  The changes didn’t work last week, but then again we had Pore up top and Lopez at right mid(at least to start).    Marquess must be very impressive in practice ( I was impressed in Reserves games I saw him in) but I never expected to see him on the field for the Senior team.    Who would have?  He has Harrington in front of him, then probably Leathers, who does play well on left back I think.  There’s Myers too.   And one could say we have a glut at left mid too.  So far we have started at left mid this season: Pore, Lopez, Marinelli and Espinoza.  At least them.  If that’s the best place for Lopez then that’s unfortunate for Espinoza.  While I like Roger, it might well be that CL is best suited for left mid.   And I do want what’s best for the team.  If these changes work out then it will be seen as a great move by Coach Onalfo.  If not, well, there are many fans that aren’t happy with him anyway.  Of course, I hope it works out best 🙂

To see some stories on the lineup changes go here and here.  The official pregame is here.    The weather for tomorrow could be nasty and nice.  In the afternoon, there’s storms, but it will be nice temps by the time the game kicks off. 

Chivas will be without a few starters.  Some injury and one suspension.  KC will be fine – not sure if Marinelli will be on the bench.  Also CDCUSA will be without Preki as he is suspended.  But I am sure he’ll have some unflattering, and unintelligent, remarks about KC should the Wizards win.  Or I guess when the Wizards win as the boys in blue are 3-0-0 (actually 4-0-0 when you count the playoff win) at home against Chivas.  Chivas have only ever beaten KC once. 

A win here would do wonders for the Wizards.  I think they can get it.  But a lot has to go right for them and Chivas will be looking to prove they can beat KC after that playoff series from last year.



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