Media Rumblings, AG’s Opinion

 Hillcrest Road posted an interesting response,  to an issue near and dear to me, titled Media Rumbling. It appears that the poster is not our everyday Hillcrest poster Kyle, (he would never be a day late) but an unidentified Blogger.  I really have no issue with this touchy feely approach to calming the troops, pissing on the sparks before it turns into a fire, getting it under control.  I think an outsider could interpret it as well stated. Yet some have read it differently and I see why they might have taken offence to a statement or two. It may appear that some of this blame has been but on us the fans. 

My beef is the same as Spoons. If you want us/me to continue calling into 810 to discuss the Wizards when we are told over and over again by Kietzman’s screener we don’t talk about Soccer, show us that beautiful game on the pitch. I keep hearing from Curt  just how exciting and high scoring our games should be. Yet I keep walking to the motor home after a 1-1 draw or a loss. Should we be satisfied with a point? For if we get a point we have actually lost 2.

 If you want me to hound the KC Star, bring in a DP that makes me say,”Oh my god we may actually have a midfield.”  I love Jimmy and Jack but defenders should not lead the team in scoring when you have an exciting high scoring offense. I’ll make you a deal. Bring me an International DP that replaces John Terry as Edan’s favorite soccer player and I will write the Star everyday till I get published.

Okay, I’m guilty of having unused tickets. I know I could exchange them. And yes I also have 4 GA tickets I paid 40 bucks for sitting in the Jeep right now. I am a bad supporter because I have not given them to a Soccer laymen. If you want me to do more then give your schedule out to clients that have families, then you need to improve the atmosphere at the game. I know the last home game was a sell out. I also know the Chicago fans were louder then the Wizards fans in the second half of our last home match. (Sorry Cauldron.) You are not getting return customers.  What you are getting is a soccer mom bringing her children to see Dora and Scooby, and some child star who plays a witch. None of whom did Edan care about. Let’s not forget the La Raza connection every time an older Spanish heritage player comes to town. These are not even layman fans. What you need to do is make that Baseball stadium sound and feel like a Futbol stadium. Get the laymen who is holding a free ticket from his company or one of your corporate sponsors so damn excited he or she wants to come back. The best way to do this is to win games. Please oh please oh please.

This  is not an issue about contacting the right person at the Star or the local TV channel. It is about the product on the pitch, and the atmosphere. And let’s not forget the most important thing, customer service. Make your customer feel loved, make sure you are giving them a great deal for their “slow economic times” dollar. If you make them feel like they had an exciting evening with 5 star service they will tell others and comeback. And that is better then any PR you could get from any media.


One more thing.  Kudos to Mark Naster. First time in a while I met or spoke with someone from the FO and walked away feeling good. I deeply appreciate it.

AG (Andrea’s George),  aka. Parlorcars, George Hanson,  



3 Responses to Media Rumblings, AG’s Opinion

  1. Anonymous says:

    haha chicago wasnt louder than the cauldron. the only thing you could hear was their trumpet

  2. […] Media Rumblings, AG’s Opinion Thanks for reminding me about the trumpet. I have a Tuba if we could find a trumpet and a slide bone think of the noise we could make with all those drums. […]

  3. kco says:

    Mark Naster = The Man.

    He takes care of my families tickets (half-season) and whenever we want to do a (reasonable) trade in he was on top of it and made it happen (traded the October Fire match for the recent one). Props to Mark.

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