Wizards fall to undermanned DC United

DC United, without four starters(and 4 other injuries!), defeated KC 2-0 for their first MLS shutout of the season.  Seems that we can’t defeat undermanned teams.  Of course, we were undermanned ourselves with Ryan Pore starting.  I for one hope that Onalfo didn’t let him into the locker room at the half and just told him to head home and to keep the uniform but that he wouldn’t be needing it … fat chance, but one can hope.

What an all around poor performance.  Lopez not really connecting with anyone.  Ryan Pore either.  A shame that Wolff was injured.  With him this team would have done differently I think.  Instead we get Ryan Pore and Davy Arnaud starting up top.  Claudio moved to wide right.  Not sure I agree with putting him wide right – should have just left him up top with Pore.   Would Nelson Pizarro been a better player to start than Ryan Pore?   I guess Ivan Trujillo still isn’t showing anything in practice.

We outshot DC and even put 8 balls on target.  Instead of getting a win and a solid backline performance, we made DC look like a good defensive team and our backline crumbled.  So disappointing.

KC’s Player of the Game would have to be Davy Arnaud, followed by Roger Espinoza as second POTG.  Third should rightly go to Micheal Harrington but I am giving it to Matt Marquess for replacing Ryan Pore(at halftime!) and playing decent in his debut.

KC still at 22 points.  There are five teams, currently, at 22 points.  KC are now back to 6th in the East.

Chivas USA at home next Saturday.



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