Fire on Sunday

The Wizards can pull within a point of the Chicago Fire in the East this post-All Star weekend. And narrow the gap on New England and Columbus.

The Wizards are pretty injury free. Only Carlos Marinelli is out for this weekend. Chicago have Calen Carr who will miss the game due to injury, but they also have three others that will not play. Two of them are due to discipline, Brown and Prideaux, and the third is Chad Barrett who is to be traded to Toronto in the Brian McBride saga. This should benefit KC who should start 10 of the same 11 from last week(against Columbus) with Josh Wolff starting over Lance Watson (but with Wolff up to and Davy back to the right side). We saw at the end of the Crew game that Josh and Claudio were playing very well together. And there was no reason to not put Espinoza back on the bench, thus our DP should be back at the striker position.

Both teams are on unbeaten streaks. KC hasn’t lost in 5 MLS games, Chicago has not lost in four. KC getting 9 points in that stretch; Chicago with six points.  Here’s the MLSnet game preview.  KC has historically not done well against Chicago, however as of last years KC win in Chicago, the Wizards have the edge when at home.  But only a 7-6 edge in wins.  Even so, throw that stuff out the window.  KC seems to be clicking a bit better.  More shooting and much better passing.  Could it be they are coming together in time for a second half run?

Here’s the weather report for tomorrow. It’s going to feel like 100 F in the hours leading up to the game. Some thunderstorms and humidity. By the time the game kicks off it will only be slightly cooler. It could be very uncomfortable watching this game. I look forward to seeing how KC responds to this heat.

Now, KC won 1-0 in Chicago on a Jack Jewsbury goal in what seems a long time ago. If they can win in Chicago, and also score three goals in a revenge game against Columbus, then I think they have a great shot at beating this Chicago team at CAB.


And remember: Wiz on the Fire (Rinse; Repeat.)


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