Wizards blow lead, comeback for 3-3 draw

Up 2-0 after 24 minutes I’d never have thought that KC would need to comeback just to get a draw.  Let alone, be trailing 3-2 just 14 minutes after that Roger Espinoza goal.  Did it look to anyone else like Jack Jewsbury mis hit that “pass”?  Replay showed he hit it off the inside of his foot.  Even so, thank goodness Roger was barreling down on the goal.  Then KC gave a goal back at 26 minutes when Schelotto scored off a fee kick.  And right after that it was 2-2 on a defensive lapse by Jack Jewsbury.  JJ was up in the attacking end a LOT last night, but it was almost that he was up too much and for too long thus not being able to  get back on defense.  Conrad let Marshall get free to convert a corner and all of a sudden KC trailed 2-3.  Second half saw return of Josh Wolff.  With about 15 minutes to go Josh tapped in a cross by Jewsbury and KC ends up with 3-3 draw on the road against second place Columbus.   Lost in all this were the fantastic game that Kurt Morsink had, he was involved in all three goals – not getting an assist on the first because it was a Hejduk own-goal, but KM served it up.  Morsink got the second assist on the other two goals though.  His play has been steadily improving.  Lost in some of this might be Davy Arnaud.  He looked to me like the Davy Arnaud of season’s past.  Full board without regard for his knee.  All around hustle off the ball.  Didn’t look like he was holding back.  He was all over the field too.  If not for three goals scored, and him not being on the scoring sheet, he’d by my Man of the Match.

This game had just about everything you could ask for in a nationally televised game.  Six goals, two lead changes, US International returning the league and scoring, open and attacking soccer, an own goal, a tap in, a great run-of-play goal, fluke goal, free kick goal and a header off a corner kick.  Both teams dominated for stretches, very good passing, a lot of creativity.  Just an all around good game to reel in some fans and on a night when the game was on ESPN and not ESPN2.

Ok, back to the game.  On defense Jimmy looked not up to his own standards.  I think Hohlbein was the better defender overall last night.  Jewsbury and Harrington not so much, however they both were involved more offensively.   Already mentioned Morsink.  Victorine was on-again, off-again.  He probably should have been involved more in the offense.  I’d say he was his usual Sasha-self.   Lance Watson probably shouldn’t have started, but he didn’t embarrass himself.  He just wasn’t effective.  Espinoza played well, he was creative at times.  Lopez didn’t have a good game, however when Wolff was in he was much, much better.  And that is promising.   Wolff was in for 45, but it was really only later that he was working out well with Lopez.  Josh was someone that C-bus had to keep an eye on in the second half.  He really shouldn’t have been unmarked for his goal.  Good re-debut.  Ryan Pore was horrible when coming in for Espinoza – might as well have left Roger in(don’t take that as a knock on Roger).  Zavagnin was crucial in helping out on defense for his 5 minutes or so.    Hartman – overall did OK, but wasn’t ready for that free kick.  Somehow almost saved the ball on the play that Jewsbury didn’t cover.  And there’s not much you can do on that header by Marshall off the corner kick – that was Jimmy’s job.

The team has not lost in five MLS matches.  Two wins and three draws.  Next week is the All-Star Game.  Then on the following Sunday we host Chicago.

Ok, Player of the Game will go to Mr. Morsink.  Congrats, hopefully many more to come.  Second Player goes to Davy Arnaud.  Third player goes to Josh Wolff.   You can see the standings here.



One Response to Wizards blow lead, comeback for 3-3 draw

  1. WS217 says:

    Good breakdown of the game. We seem to show signs of real life, especially when we tied the game we had a few more chances to win it.

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