Sunday update

An MLSnet story by Rusert on the Atlas game. Also a story not by Rusert on MLSnet.

Kansas City Brass lost again to Thunder Bay. This time it took a 90th minute goal by TB to win the game 3-2. Thunder Bay have a 9 point lead in the Heartland Division over Colorado Rapids U-23 team (whom they do not play). The Brass fell to 5-1-8 (WDL). KC have two games left. One on the road against St. Louis this coming Saturday. Then on Sunday the Brass play their final game at home against Colorado. Brass can only catch St. Louis but the Lions have two games to play before they play KC on Saturday. A win in either game and KC cannot catch St. Louis. So it looks like the Brass will be finishing only ahead of Springfield.

US Soccer article that mentions Jimmy Conrad.

Another KC area blog. KC Metro Soccer Newsletter.

Ok, coming up this week:

Monday: return of AG doing daily blogs 🙂 … OG starts Microsoft Certification so that he can get a job!

Wednesday: Jimmy Conrad show (actually, I wonder about this unless Jimmy is doing it from Columbus)

Thursday: Claudio Lopez’s Birthday.  KC Wizards @ Columbus on ESPN.  Return of Josh Wolff?

Saturday: KC Brass @ St. Louis Lions

Sunday: Colorado Rapids U-23 @ KC Brass (final game of season)



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