11 July. News and Blogs you might have missed.

Looking up the table

Wizards beat Bulls, but neither leaves the eastern cellar

Wizards spook Red Bulls Shep Messing, highlights

It’s Official (Times 2) Wolff gets his #16 shirt

Friendly Friday

KC Wizards VS New York Red Bull: Postgame

Wizards win, and score more than once

Notes and observations from practice today Photos from practice

Media game at KC-NY halftime preview Blue team won on a Rusert goal. White team’s Jake Gutierrez did stand on his head actually.

KC’s reserve match is postponed due to the Atlas game tonight at CAB.

Kansas City Brass are in Thunder Bay, Canada tonight and tomorrow. Thunder Bay have blown by every Heartland team despite their late season start. KC trail them by 12 points.



2 Responses to 11 July. News and Blogs you might have missed.

  1. Anonymous says:

    Probably got this posted after you posted, but Mike has a great article speculating on the Beckham game being at Arrowhead.


  2. MizzouMan says:

    Game will be at Arrowhead @ 4:00 pm.
    St.L ALumni vs. KC Alumni will be at the KC Soccer Dome @ 12:00 prior to the game, for pregame party.

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