Multiple goals from Wizards net a win

KC ended a 12 game streak of not being able to score two goals.  The last time the Wizards had multiple goals in an MLS game was way back when we defeated Colorado 3-2 in the second game of the season.

The Wizards defeated NY 2-1 this Thursday night.  Jimmy Conrad scored on a Lopez corner kick in the 11th minute.  Jimmy leads the team in goals with four.  KC was was in control of most of the game.   However NY made their scoring opportunities very dangerous.  It took NY quite a while to actually have any semblance of an offense.  The Wizards scored 2 minutes into the second half when Kurt Morsink put a great ball to a streaking Davy Arnaud who put it past Jon Conway.  That was Davy’s first goal of the season and also Kurt Morsink’s first assist.

An unmarked Juan Pablo Angel headed a ball in the 71st minute to close the gap.  Great cross from Richards. NY actually controlled the game through the whistle from this point on but Kevin Hartman and Jimmy Conrad were up to the task of preserving the win.

KC had a lot of trouble with Dane Richards and for some reason left Dave van den Bergh a lot of room to work crosses in.

The offense still needs a “finishing” touch.  Sealy and Trujillo weren’t all that effective.    Both were subbed out.  Sealy for Espinoza, who wasn’t that effective either.  Lopez seemed to move up top with this sub.  Then Trujillo was subbed for Ryan Pore who actually did Ok.  He provided some speed to the game.

KC moves to 5-5-5 on the season.  Red Bulls fall to 5-5-6 (WDL).  Wizards are now at 20 points and -4 GD while NY is at -8 GD.  Also on 20 points.  KC wins the season series taking 4 points to NY’s 1.  The Wizards are out of the East cellar finally.  Until the rest of the games are played this weekend, KC is now only 1 point out of a playoff spot.

My Player of the Game is Kevin Hartman.  Nothing he could do on the Angel header, someone didn’t mark him, but other than that Kevin had some fantastic saves tonight.  Stat sheet says 6 saves but they were doozies(or however you spell it).  If not for Kevin’s heroics I’d have gone with Jimmy Conrad.  He gets the go ahead goal and also made some very good defensive clearances.  Jimmy is second player.  Third player goes to Davy Arnaud.  He took a bit of beating on the field and actually finished his goal attempt to put KC up 2-0.  POTG Standings are here.

MLSNet story buy Bob Rusert Rusert played in the Media game and halftime and scored the only goal.

KC Star by Bob Luder

Next up for KC are the Columbus Crew.  A little revenge for this game?  Would be fantastic as it is on ESPN next Thursday.



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