Wizards back at it against Red Bulls on Thursday

Wizards, Bulls look to march up table

Wizards motivated by FCD Draw The USOC loss isn’t motivating?  Anyway, no matter what, this is a 3 point game, anything else is failure.

USA Today:Red Bulls at Wizards Preview

Angry Osorio takes New York to Kansas City Wonder if Onalfo is as angry as Osorio …

Ok, so now the Wizards and the fans have just one competition to focus on.   The Red Bulls come to town Thursday.  Oh yeah, but it’s not on ESPN2.   There will be an ESPN2 game on later in the night.  Makes you wonder why this game is on Thursday.  Neither KC or NY play this weekend.  Also the T-Bones are out of town too.  Shame this game couldn’t have been delayed until Saturday.

Sorry, enough of that… still got USOC on the mind … anyway.  The Wizards are 4-5-5 and NY is 5-5-5.  A victory will move KC past NY in the standings as KC already has a better goal differential.  NY has one win in their last six games(not counting the Guadalajara game).  That was a 1-0 win over FCD at home.  Their last match was a 4-0 loss at Colorado.  NY might be struggling but KC’s offense is nothing to be happy about.  They are at least now shooting the ball more, even if not getting it in the net.

KC should have their first team out on the field.  Although Jimmy and Micheal got a lot of minutes Tuesday I think they’ll be starting against NY.  I can’t see Wahl (who went the distance) or McKenzie(he was terrible Tuesday) starting over Jimmy.    There’s a small chance that Leathers could start over Harrington at left back but I doubt it.  Lopez and Davy will be the wide players with Trujillo and Sealy up top.  In the middle will be Victorine and Morsink.  And we’ll see Jack and Aaron on the back line with Hartman in goal.   Not sure what the bench will look like but surely there will be some guys that went 120 on Tuesday on it.

Red Bulls have given up the 3rd most goals in MLS this season.  Only DC and LA are worse.  If the boys in blue keep shooting like they have been we are sure to find a few goals for this home contest.  There should be plenty of motivation for this game as KC has in their hands a direct opportunity to move up the table and get closer to a playoff spot.  Disregarding the friendly on Friday against Atlas, KC will have a full week off before playing Columbus on ESPN next Thursday.  I see no reason for any starter to leave it all on the field.

The weather for this game looks to be really nice.  Mid/Low 80’s, clear skies.  A bit humid, but when is not that in KC?

I’d love to give out a new Player of the Game award for this one.  Claudio is running away with the season points!  Not that that is bad, but I just want to see others step up!



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