8 July. News and Blogs you might have missed.

K.C. looks to thwart upstart Sounders KC beat Seattle 4-0 in 2000. Only Kerry Zavagnin remains from that day’s roster. Let’s get an early start on beatting Seattle, need to let them know who’s the boss.

Wizards head to Seattle for US Open Cup match KC Star Bob Luder

Possible Semifinal Pairings Set For 2008 Lamar Hunt US Open Cup A KC win will send the Wizards to S.Carolina (Charleston Battery) or University Park, Texas (FC Dallas)

Heading to Seattle

KC Wizards VS Seattle Sounders: US Open Cup Quarterfinal

Return of Josh Wolff NY Times Blog story

Josh Wolff in camp Back Post photos of Wolff at practice

MLS Power Score (TM) Ranking – Week 15 Well…somehow someone with a ranking has us 9th, but there’s not much good to say about us. I don’t have anything good to say about a ranking that has us 9th right now.


Random Monday News

And finally…

Happy Birthday to Nelson Pizarro. He turns 23 years old today. Pizarro has only played in reserves games. He has 161 minutes in three games with one goal scored.



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