7 July(Update). News and Blogs you might have missed.

Wizards will field mostly reserves Tuesday against Seattle Sounders I have to say that I don’t really understand the leaving of starters in KC and the intention to field mostly reserves. There has to be some coach-speak swerve here. Who cares about Atlas on Friday, that’s a friendly which will probably only be players who don’t play the night before against New York, no matter if they play Tuesday or not. This Seattle team is pretty good and right now KC is only 4 points out of the playoffs for MLS. I just don’t buy it that Coach Onalfo is going to throw a bunch of reserves at this game and expect to win.

MLS Halfway Point Offense & Defense Stats

MLS Power Rankings: Week 15 YanksSoccer

Stuff from this weekend

Five-a-side: What’s Hot in MLS Wolff

Wizards frustrated by missed victory


KC Wizards VS FC Dallas: The Aftermath

Points Dropped Down The Byline

Kicking it with Jimmy Conrad

Wizards, FC Dallas tie

Quick Stat Down The Byline

AUDIO: MLS Will Eventually Go To A Single Table Sean Wheelock. Normally I’d NEVER link something to MLS Rumours blog but this was interesting.

Thompson’s late equalizer saves FC Dallas This one…don’t matter if you read it, it was the China Post so I thought that was cool



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