Kansas City grab road point; etc

Well, they could have grabbed three road points, but one is pretty good.  Scott Sealy finished a goal – not a garbage goal either – a very nice pass then he was able to turn on it and get it past Dario Sala in the 39th.    However Abe Thompson headed one past Kevin Hartman in the first minute of injury time.  Both teams had opportunities to win the game.

Ryan Pore and Roger Espinoza were the 59th minute subs for both KC strikers – Sealy and Trujillo.  Then Leathers came on for Claudio Lopez in the 82nd.  There wasn’t much offense to go to on the bench so either Myers or Leathers were good enough choices late.  KC dropped back to defend their 1-0 lead.   Which on the road is quite ok, though I would have preferred they kept up some pressure.

Looks like I agree with Down The Byline on the players of the match.  Lopez for his overall game performance, then Sealy for his goal and Morsink for his play.

Overall standings are: Claudio Lopez 38 (7 POTG), Kevin Hartman 25 points (4 POTG), Jimmy Conrad 16 points (2 POTG), Carlos Marinelli 11 points, Jack Jewsbury 9 points, Micheal Harrington 5 points (1 POTG), Scott Sealy with 5 points,  Sasha Victorine and Ivan Trujillo and  Davy Arnaud with 4 points each, and 6 others with 1 point (Morsink, Espinoza, Hohlbein, Wahl, Colombano and Zavagnin).

Next game for KC is USOC Quaterfinal against Seattle Sounders.  Next MLS game is at home against New York Red Bulls, the first of 4 consecutive games against East opponents.

KC are still 13th overall in the standings and last place in the East.  But now are only 4 points out of the last playoff spot (if we were still in the West then KC would be 4 points out of first).

I’ll post some stories later today.



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