Wizards to take on Carolina Railhawks; game online

Kansas City take on the Carolina Railhawks at 6:30 pm central time. The game will be in Gary, N.C. and can only be seen on USLLive.com.

Carolina made it to the USOC SemiFinals last year. In the third round Carolina defeated the Chicago Fire 1-0.

KC needs to be a bit wary of Carolina since according to this story KC will be looking the Wizards Reserves to pull of the victory. Although after the last few games the word “reserves” is a bit loose. Kerry Zavagnin had previously said he would probably start in the game. Rookies Chance Myers, Jon Leathers and Roger Espinoza will also start. All three have started this season. As has Tyson Wahl. Sure bet that Eric Kronberg will be in goal. And we should see Carlos Marinelli on the field. I wouldn’t be surprised if Kurt Morsink started tonight though as Zavagnin would normally start over Morsink but was hurt this weekend. There is just-recovering Lance Watson and other rookies like Matt Marquess and Raushawn McKenzie. Ryan Pore could be an option at striker as could Micheal Kraus. KC also has Ryan McMahen who made the bench. There should be some normal starters on the bench too – for when the game gets too close for comfort. I just worry about a reserve heavy lineup especially when I think about the Minnesota-KC game from a few years back …

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