1 July. News and Blogs you might have missed.

Wizards facing a brutal stretch of games KC Star

SBI MLS Power Rankings: Week 14


US Open Cup Time Down The Byline

Wizards make return to Open Cup MLSNet.com preview

Wizards, Onalfo looking past Railhawks? Some Carolina fans taking Onalfo’s words a little too literally

KC Wizards VS Carolina Railhawks: Preview KC Futbol


Kansas City Wizards 1-0 Real Salt Lake The Back Post: Positives, Negatives, Player ratings

Week in review: Eastern dominance

Josh Wolff

Wizards welcome back Josh Wolff Ives Galarcep

Striker Josh Wolff Rejoins Wizards KC Press Release

Wolff to share, not bear, goalscoring burden SoccerAmerica.com

Several other blogs and news stories on Josh.  If there’s anyone that does some analysis, I’ll post it.

Kanasas City Brass

Brass fell to the Thunder Bay Chill 0-2 on Monday night.  All I have is the score here.  But after playing just 9 games and giving the rest of the division a head start of one month, Thunder Bay are atop the Heartland Division standings.  KC are in 4th.  Their next games are in Thunder Bay on July 11th and 12th.



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