Wizards Weekly; Eloy update; Kurt Morsink; KC Brass

Wizards Weekly and News Conference

Ok, just watched the News Conference and Wizards Weekly. First off Coach Onalfo and Jack Jewsbury were only interviewed for a total of 12 minutes … seriously, twelve minutes at the News Conference. Then the entire news conference was replayed. Sorry but how the heck do you not have more questions when the team has: cut Eloy, drawn in TFC, play RSL next, play Carolina in USOC, won’t be in town for NEXT week’s news conference, then play FCD on July 4th and possibly another USOC game the following Tuesday. Oh yeah, no questions on Josh Wolff, or anyone other possible player for that matter. I am so disappointed.

Coach was asked about Carlos Marinelli not playing and if he’d be playing on Saturday. Coach called him one of the best passers in the league. That for now he’s a great option off the bench late in the game. And at TFC he felt it wasn’t the right game for him based on how TFC plays. I am guessing the turf had something to do with it too.

Coach said that part of his pre game speech for Saturday will have to do with not disappointing the fans.

Complimented Jack and Davy on their play on the right side. Feel they work good together.

Said that Aaron Hohlbein’s aerial game is one of his best qualities.

Jimmy Conrad has something wrong with his foot and that he will be a game time decision. Commented that at least it wasn’t broke.

Feels that RSL will use the same lineup as last time against KC. Thinks they have found a rhythm. Have good passing Midfield and play direct.

I think he said that against Carolina KC will use some non-traditional starters. They have scouted Carolina via the internet. (Pretty sure they scouted them live too … I hope).

Ok, that was 7 minutes. Thankfully it’s almost 15 minutes long on Wizards Weekly.

Next up was Jack Jewsbury. He talks about redeeming themselves in front of the home fans. Talked about how much he appreciated the fans. He is very comfortable working with Davy. That they just know where each other is going to pass the ball to. Attributes it to last year. He feels that versatility is one of his greatest strengths and has kept him on the field more because of that. Said that the team needs to continue to put pressure on defenses and that goal scoring was a mindset. This was about 3 or 4 minutes long. Amazing. I think you can get a lot of good stuff from Jack.

Next up I watched Wizards Weekly. Porter asked Coach about Euro 2008. He had originally picked Italy to win. Funny exchange between Coach and Porter in regards to Luca Toni’s mustache. Coach said that if KC score 5 goals in a game he’ll wear a Luca Toni mustache.

When they started talking about Toronto game Coach said that KC took the game to TFC and that they played well enough and created enough chances to win so he was disappointed not to leave BMO Field with three points.

They discussed Roger Espinoza and his red card. Coach was disappointed and said Roger was too. He put a positive spin on it in that Roger, or any rookie, need to re-focus the anger/aggression(Roger was fouled) by scoring a goal. I think at one point said something about getting back at the player/team later in the game as opposed to immediately.

See below for Coaches comments on release of Eloy Colombano from Wizards Weekly.

Porter asked replacing Eloy and brought up Wolff. Peter Vermes’ trip to Hungary was brought up. Basically Coach gave a party line that he and Vermes were always looking to improve or enhance the team.

Next up was Aaron Hohlbein. He too was asked about Euro2008. Aaron’s dad was born in Germany so you know who he’s pulling for.

There was some talk about his growing up in Wisconsin and his adjustment to MLS last year. All stuff we have heard before: speed, length of season and so on. This year better but still adjusting. Some talk about him playing with veterans Jimmy and Kevin.

Aaron made a comment about difference in playing on turf versus grass. On grass you can play more soccer, on turf you play kickball.

Ended with his focus being to improve his performance on attacking set pieces. He was good at this in HS and College. But yet really for KC.

Here’s the official preview. Zavagnin is questionable and Trujillo is probable. Souter is still out. Nothing on Jimmy Conrad. Of course no Roger Espinoza due to suspension. For RSL, they will be without Sturgis and Espindola. Movsisyan and Findley are probable. The weather for the game will be sunny and low 80’s with winds at about 10mph.

If you read the daily news stories then you might already know that it seems that Claudio Lopez will be starting on the left midfield while Ivan Trujillo and Scott Sealy start up top. Victorine and Zavagnin (or Morsink(?) if KZ can’t go) in the middle and Davy still on the right. Same back four as last week. Of course that formation doesn’t necessarily mean anything. Funnily enough, this is yet another topic that could have been asked about at the news conference.

Prediction … I am going to call for a 1-1 draw. I just can’t really pick the Wizards to win again until they actually do.

Coach Onalfo on Eloy Colombano

During Wizards Weekly Brad Porter asked Coach Onalfo about the release of Eloy Colombano. Coach said that the release was mutual. Then went on to say he wasn’t happy with Eloy’s production. Eloy was a player that Coach couldn’t count on. He’d make one good play and nine bad ones. Basically he was inconsistent.

Coach Onalfo did wish Eloy all the best with his family and career back in Argentina. I guess he had to temper his negatives on Eloy with something positive.

Kurt Morsink

Happy Birthday to Kurt Morsink.  He turns 24 today (Friday).  Kurt is in his second season with the Wizards.  Morsink has appeared in 32 games so far with 15 starts.  He has no goals or assists so far.

When it comes to the fan community he is a very polarizing figure.  Fans range from him being a pet of Coach Onalfo and that he downright sucks on the field to him being a serviceable backup to Kerry Zavagnin.  He does seem to commit a lot of fouls, 40 in 1462 minutes, and when he takes a shot, it goes high.

I happen to think that the fans just need a whipping boy and Kurt Morsink is it.  Gotta be somebody right? I suppose so.  He’s in his second season and I think he can improve and help the team.   Anyway, Happy Birthday to you Kurt.

Kansas City Brass

The Brass are going to be very busy starting on Friday. They have three games in four days, all at home.

First up Friday night are the Des Moines Menace. The game is at 8pm at William Jewell. Brass have Saturday off then on Sunday at 5pm they take on the first place Colorado Rapids U-23 team. Finally the third game will be against Thunder Bay Chill on Monday at 8:30 pm.

This is an important stretch for the Brass. They can make a big move in the standings or they can end up watching all three teams pull away. After these three games KC will have four more in the month of July and only one will be at home.



5 Responses to Wizards Weekly; Eloy update; Kurt Morsink; KC Brass

  1. cameron says:

    how can we only get 15 minutes im baffled

  2. […] Fans in the Community ← Wizards Weekly; Eloy update; Kurt Morsink; KC Brass […]

  3. Anonymous says:

    Sometimes I think you are the biggest homer ever.

  4. georgeshook says:

    Gotta love the anonymous critiques. Maybe you could explain yourself. Pretty sure that this entry wasn’t homerish at all.

  5. kathy says:

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee kevin hartman!!!!!!

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