Could Josh Wolff return to the Wizards? (Update)

Over on BigSoccer it had been discussed as to whether or not Josh Wolff could come back to KC once he was out of contract with German side 1860 Munich.

Today American Soccer Reader has a story on Josh and claims there are multiple sources that indicate that the Wizards are targeting the US National team player.

I think that KC could get Josh for the rest of this season and for not too much, but is he really what KC needs? We have Claudio Lopez who is a set up man and that’s what Josh was, more or less. KC is need of a target forward. Maybe if Vermes and Onalfo are planning on cutting another player and can grab a target forward and Josh, then that’d be ok.

Update: Bob Rusert, who covers the Wizards, has an mlsnet story. Josh Wolff is mentioned in the story. Coach Onalfo was non-committal but did say he wanted to sign Josh when took the job.

Update II: And now Grathoff of the KC Star has a Wolff report. From the Star:“I’ve had talks with them and the league,” Wolff said Thursday. “It’s in talks. That’s about all I can say.” Here’s the full story.

“Certainly there are ties with Kansas City. Curt Onalfo and Peter (Vermes, technical director), I know them fairly well, but until you put something down on paper, that doesn’t have so much relevance. I would have no problem coming back to Kansas City at all.”



One Response to Could Josh Wolff return to the Wizards? (Update)

  1. Tony Felich says:

    Wolff is not the answer. You are exactly right in your analysis.

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