Wizards draw 0-0; Brass lose 0-1

Toronto FC limps to a draw with Wizards

Toronto FC’s home winning streak ends with 0-0 tie against Kansas City You’d think the Canandian Press would realize a “tie” is a game and a “draw” is when that tie ends with both teams having the same score 🙂

Toronto FC played to goal-less draw by Kansas City

Toronto extends home unbeaten streak to 10 games

TFC Tie, but extend home streak

Wizards winless streak hits seven Pretty much same story as above only appeared on KC-MLS

Toronto FC winning streak ends with tie versus KC

MLS: Toronto 0, Kansas City 0

Kansas City Wizards Limit Toronto FC to 7 shots, Earn Road Point This is just a reprint of the KC Press Release put out after the game

Hartman puts positive spin on draw

Recap: Toronto FC vs Kansas City

It’s a point TFC will gladly take

Wizards, Toronto FC battle to scoreless tie Finally a KC Star story

If someone reads all the above stories they get a cookie.

KC remains in last place in the East. Three points behind DC United depending on their result today. Overall KC are just 2 points ahead of San Jose. We are 14 points out of Supporters Shield but only 6 points out of 8th playoff spot (Which is held by Chicago right now, could be DC at day’s end).

Wizards played better than last week but still not well. Starting lineup saw Myers and Leathers to the bench with Jack Jewsbury at right back. Roger Espinoza played left mid and Carlos Marinelli rode the pine the whole game. Midfield were Sasha Victorine and Kerry Zavagnin. Hohlbein started over Wahl again in central defense. Kurt Morsink, Ryan Pore and Jon Leathers were the subs for the game, replacing Zavagnin, Sealy and Lopez. Espinoza got a straight red card for an open handed shove in the back of a players head in the 93rd minute. Not good Roger cause you had a pretty good game.

Scott Sealy still needs to finish. He’s not a target forward at all. But he did have some chances. One header he should have put a way for sure. Lopez was his usually self and Arnaud was fine on the right. Leathers had the best chance to score when he came on – in the midfield actually – but his left footed shot went wide. I thought that Micheal Harrington had the best game of any of the players. Holding on defense and coming forward a lot. He and Roger played off each other really well.

The defense was good this game and Hartman didn’t have much to do. Jimmy and Aaron seemed to do well though on one play they both went to Amado, right at the top of the box, and left another player wide open, luckily Amado flubbed the ball. Jack did well at right back. Kerry though was slow in the game. He was doing a lot of chasing of players when the ball was cleared from the TFC end.

So, 0-0 was the result. KC did outshoot TFC which was nice. Still need to make better passes. Passing is reckless and too hopeful.

Best player goes to Harrington, then Lopez and finally, no one will agree with this, Roger Espinoza. Too bad you won’t be starting next week.

And for those of you that notice, no I haven’t given top 3 for the C-bus game. They were Lopez, Jewsbury and Arnaud. Totals later.

Next up is home game against RSL.

Davy Arnaud

Happy 28th Birthday Davy. Last player to have a birthday got released. Pretty sure it isn’t gonna happen to you.

Kansas City Brass

Brass fell to Des Moines 0-1. Des Moines Register has story. St. Louis lost to Thunder Bay again, 3-1 this time. Do not yet have the result for Colorado-Springfield game. Here are the standings. Des Moines is now in first, KC fell to 5th but are only 2 points out of first. Only Springfield are out of it.

Update: Colorado won 6-0 over Springfield.  Colorado sit atop the Heartland Division.  Three points seperate Colorado and fifth place Kansas City.



3 Responses to Wizards draw 0-0; Brass lose 0-1

  1. georgeshook says:

    0-6 Loss.
    Thanks for the update.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Stupid red cards should disqualify someone for a man of the match performance. There was no need to do that, I don’t care how weak it was. You put your team at a disadvantage any time you get a red. What if we’d have given up a goal after that? His stupidity could have cost us a point.

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