Wizards and Brass

KC vs Toronto; Watch Party

KC take on Toronto FC today. It is a day game in Toronto. The Wizards are hosting a Watch Party in Weston, MO for this game. It is at O’Malley’s Irish Pub. If you go you get to try out the new brews that they are collaborating on with the Wizards.

TFC braces for battle with weary Wizards

International stars return for Toronto FC

TFC hopes to extend home unbeaten run vs K.C.

Defenders seem to instinctively raise hand to draw offside calls

Metro Blog – Toronto FC

Eloy Colombano

Eloy officially released. Did he get a fair shake here? Who knows. But if he was homesick then I hope he’s better off and wish him the best back home. Also gives PV and CO a chance to improve the team.

Kansas City Brass

The Brass take on the Des Moines Menace in Des Moines today. KC have a chance to move into first place today, at least momentarily. Actually, Des Moines also has a chance. Here are the standings. It’s pretty close at the top. The St. Louis Lions lost to Thunder Bay last night 3-0, their first loss all season. Thunder Bay have 10 points in 5 games and are in the thick of the Heartland Division race already. Colorado also host Springfield – and it’s a safe bet that Colorado will win that one.

Go Wizards! Go Brass!



2 Responses to Wizards and Brass

  1. Ole says:

    Hey – the Brass got hammered by Thunder Bay 5-0 while the Demize took them to the 72nd minute the evening before when they were fresh.

    The record is lousy here but there’s no need to talk trash about the other teams.

  2. georgeshook says:

    Hm, it wasn’t “talking trash”, it was just saying that it’s a safe bet that a team that hasn’t even drawn a game won’t win against the second place team. It’s also not a stretch whatsoever to say Springfield aren’t any good.

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